About Us
Hingham Nursery was established in 1975 and has been providing efficient and friendly customer service ever since. We not only boast the best products in the industry but we offer you comfort whilst you shop. On our premises we have a tea garden that serves the freshest baked goods that you can enjoy during your visit with us.
The Story of Hingham
If you look up through the trees at Hingham Nursery, you will notice the old farmhouse that the owners, John and Julie Scragg, live in with their 2 boys. Julie's Great, great, great Uncle, Henry Pratt Harrison, built the house in 1863, after he had left his wife Emma at her family home in Norfolk,England, and come out to seek his fortune. He bought land and planted coffee trees and won several awards for his coffee until beetle made it unviable. 
He then bought more land and began sugar farming. When Emma came out she brought with her on board ship,a small red rose (Cramoisi Superieur), still planted in the garden today. The flowers were often presented to dignitaries arriving at the harbour and inspired the name Rosehill. This was the name given to the homestead, which passed through 2 more generations before Hingham Nursery was established, in 1975, by Julie's mother, Esme, at the suggestion of her Aunts, Ursula and Hope Gillespie. 
Esme threw herself into the project, growing all her own plants for many years, and built the nursery into a thriving business until she became ill and her daughter, Julie took over in 1987. Only 18 at the time, Julie had a lot to learn about the nursery business. But over the years the nursery has grown through the hard work and determination of a team of wonderful people who love their work and always strive to deliver efficient, friendly customer service, and quality product.  
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